New video shows depth of Arizona election malfeasance – but will it matter?

Watch the new *video evidence* of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested. Here you can see them reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them. 59% of these machines would subsequently shut down on election day in GOP areas.

Kari Lake who surprisingly lost the gubernatorial race says, “We have the system logs and 24-hour recordings of the activities in this room…from Maricopa County’s own machines. Additionally, we have recordings of every single bit of activity that happened in this room.”

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But does any of this matter?

The problem is that the politically charged Maricopa judiciary aren’t interested in truth. They are running cover for the person in charge of the sanctity of the election: new governor and election victor, Katie Hobbs. As Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs was responsible for the integrity of the election and vociferously refused to recuse herself or nominate an assistant to oversea the process, and the count.

The fix is in.