4,000 luxury vehicles, including Porsches, Lamborghinis and Bentleys come to disastrous end…

March 2022: A ship carrying 4,000 luxury cars sank in the Atlantic after a fire. Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles kept the fire burning for two weeks. Firefighters couldn’t use extinguishers because they did not stop the lithium-ion batteries from burning.

The Felicity Ace, a massive Panama-flagged cargo ship was carrying thousands of Volkswagen Group vehicles when it caught fire near the Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean last year. This is video of the Portuguese Air Force getting to the ship and rescuing the crew.

Eventually, the abandoned cargo ship holding around £295m worth of supercars sank off the Azores Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Felicity Ace‘s cargo included some 4,000 vehicles, including Porsches, Audis, Lamborghinis and Bentleys.

The Panama-flagged ship caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while travelling from Embden, Germany to Rhode Island, US. All 22 crew members were safely evacuated on the same day.