Chevron is burying CO2. Is this our “Four legs bad” moment?

In George Orwell’s prophetic book “Animal Farm” the pigs put themselves in charge after they overthrow their human ‘captors’ and then they gradually morph from saviors to tyrants as they realize that with power comes easy living – if you make others do all the work. Their battle slogan fighting the farmer was “Two Legs Bad! Four Legs Good!” but as they discover the narcotic surge of power they end the book with the pigs now walking on two legs as they emulate humans, and chanting “Two Legs Good! Four Legs Bad” to prove their superiority over the other animals.

It marks a nadir in societal change. When the nonsensical becomes the norm. When the ideology transcends reality.

This is our moment. An oil and gas drilling operation is boasting about its ability to harvest carbon dioxide and bury it underground. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is minuscule – even the greenhouse gas proponents now say they picked the wrong gas – but it is essential for plant life. Here we’re spending time, money and resources on burying a trace gas. It’s as ideological as burying a Viking Chief with his horse and sword. But the religion requires it.