Judge threatens Hunter Biden with six months jail if he doesn’t do this – stat

An Arkansas judge has ordered President Biden’s son Hunter to appear in court next month to face questions about his financial status and defend himself against contempt allegations.

Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer sided with Lunden Alexis Roberts and has threatened to jail Hunter Biden, unless he appears in court to answer questions about his finances and more as part of a child support lawsuit over his 4 year-old daughter, court papers show.

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer issued a court order on Monday directing Biden to come to court in Batesville, Arkansas, next month to be questioned by his daughter’s mother’s lawyer, Clint Lancaster, and produce his bank statements from 2013.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Biden’s daughter, accused the first son of ignoring the judge’s order to respond to her questions related to her support lawsuit against him, including producing his bank statements, court papers state.

She has also accused Biden of “living lavishly” and mischaracterizing his income and financial situation.

Hunter has been ordered to appear in court on July 10.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Judge Meyer said Biden must appear in July to “show cause, if any exists, why he should not be held in contempt” and to “determine if a finding of contempt and sanctions are appropriate.” The judge said she will consider a range of penalties, including fines and “incarceration for criminal contempt for a period of up to six months.”

She added that Biden’s “ability to pay” child support “is or may become a critical issue in the contempt proceeding,” opening him up to questions about his financial condition in court.

Biden “will have an opportunity at the hearing to respond to statements and questions about his financial status” and “is subject to an express finding by the court that he has the ability to pay,”

The Washington Free Beacon

Biden has asked a judge to reduce his $20,000-a-month child support payments, and not grant Robert’s petition to change their daughter’s last name to Biden.

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