Leaked Conversation Between Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine President shocks

Back on March 22nd, 2016, phone call conversations took place between then Vice President Joe Biden (during President Obama’s tenure) and Petro Poroshenko who is the President of Ukraine.

Poroshenko gets into the meat of the conversation after some pleasantries about Minnesota. “I have some positive and negative news. Joe, I have a second positive news for you. Yesterday I met with General Prosecutor Shokin.

Poroshenko goes onto to explain that even though they have zero charges against the prosecutor, no corruption charges, no information about him doing something wrong, as a favor for Biden, Poroshenko asked the prosecutor to resign. This is the prosecutor and case in the Ukraine that was going after the Bidens. Joe Biden used his position of Vice President of The United States of America to influence the President of Ukraine to get rid of the Prosecutor that was going after the Bidens.

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