Raised garden beds? Say FAREWELL to saggy bottoms.

Metal garden beds

These corrugated metal raised beds from Metalgardenbeds.com are stronger than other garden bed options and allow complete control over soil and drainage. Their steel raised bed kits make growing easy for gardeners at all skill levels.  AND YOU CAN KISS WOOD ROT AND SAGGY BOTTOMS GOODBYE!

It is time to get rid of garden bed rot forever. Proven benefits with these galvanized garden beds include improved fruit blush color (finish and sweetness), more even fruit maturity, improved fruit set (return flowering), increased fruit size and increased total yield.

100% RECYCLABLE MATERIAL – (And did we mention it?) WITHOUT THE ROT!

These metal garden beds are made from 100% recyclable material  as they can be reclaimed and reused without any material loss. According to the manufacturer, galvanized steel is a superior choice over all other materials.

Metal Garden Beds 2

I like it. I just hope I’m not replacing rot with rust but I’m prepared to chance it as I’m not a fan of wooden beds and all the upkeep they require. This is the website we found them on, click on the one you like to find out the price. The smallest: 3 ft 5 in | width: 1 ft 11 in | height: 1 ft 6 in is $64 if you buy 1-3.