What does the United Nations have to do with reparations?

Why is some Biden appointee running to the United Nations to demand the end of slavery in these United States…

…and reparations?

These people are something else.

I admit I’m a bit naive.  I thought with the election of Barack Obama we’d put this nonsense to rest.  He had a huge opportunity to finally heal whatever racial rifts still exist and move us to a better place as a nation.  We’ve proven ourselves now.  We elected a black man as President.  We could finally put all that behind us.

Obama, however, had a different idea.

He used his office to further divide Americans, pitting race against race.  Ramping up the rhetoric of hatred and division.

He blew the chance to be a great President in favor of short-term political gain.

So sad…

And President Joe has taken a page out of Barack’s book and is keeping the fires of division burning.

The unwritten rule used to be that politics stopped at the water’s edge.  No more.  Biden and company will use every opportunity to push nasty, false narratives in the pursuit of further political (and monetary) gain no matter where.

If we’re going to truly deal with slavery – let’s fix the border. Human trafficking means there are more slaves in the US today than there were in the bad old days and most of them are smuggled in.