Was DoJ prosecutor caught tilting scales away from Trump’s favor?

Merrick Garland’s DOJ is lawless and largely unaccountable. Newly unsealed court documents reveal a shocking twist in the ongoing saga of the Trump investigations.

DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt, known for his connections to Obama, Russiagate and DNC donations, has been caught red-handed trying to manipulate public perception.

Bratt, who previously attempted to bribe Walt Naut’s lawyer, Stanley Woodward, to have his client testify against Trump, has now been exposed for redacting every reference to Trump’s cooperation with grand jury subpoenas.

These redactions were strategically placed to paint Trump as uncooperative, further fueling the narrative of a non-compliant Trump.

The truth? Trump complied with not one, but 𝗧π—ͺ𝗒 grand jury subpoenas, a fact that Bratt tried to bury behind redactions.

This revelation not only exposes the deceptive tactics employed by Bratt but also raises serious questions about the integrity of the entire investigation, the DOJ and the lengths they will go to in their pursuit of political vendettas.

What else is being hidden behind those redactions?

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