London Mayor wins Global Award for Virtue Signaling

The Mayor of London in the U.K. is pushing a ludicrous, virtue-signaling progressive campaign meant to convince British men to call out their friends for committing sexism or misogyny, particularly with the words they use.

It’s a continuation of a nanny-state PSA-type narrative that Mayor Sadiq Khan introduced in 2022 called “Have A Word.” But now, it’s morphed into a hashtag campaign, with Khan urging men to police their friends (mates) with an anti-sexism codeword: “maaate” based on the British habit of men calling each other mate in the same way that American men use the word “dude”.

Khan, who oversees a city plagued with knife crime, protestors, extreme traffic, poverty, homelessness, rape and racial tensions caused by unfettered immigration and an inability to police problem areas, said:

“Last year I urged men and boys to challenge sexist behaviour and misogynistic attitudes with my award-winning “Have A Word” campaign. Now, we’re giving them the word to say.

It is only by ensuring that women and girls are both protected and respected that we can continue to build a better, safer London for everyone.

How about more police, Sadiq? Enough virtue signaling – come on do something, Mate!