Not all heroes wear capes!

Remember when Just Stop Oil prevented this lady taking her baby to hospital?


“I have got a baby in my car and we have to get to the hospital!” the frustrated mom shouts at a Just Stop Oil activist while pointing to her stalled car.

Despite her pleas, the man continued to stand directly in front of her car while other stalled vehicles honked at the crowd to disperse.

“Move now! Now!” the distressed mother yelled at one activist.

She rushed back to her car as other stopped cars honk for the crowd to move, but the orange-vest-clad group maintains the line covering the entire width of the street as they slowly march in protest.

This was only one of the locations where 160 of these people were hitting all over the city. They were calling to end all new oil and gas licenses. Another was the British Open. But one US golfer had had more than enough of their BS. 

Billy Horschel, who was playing the hole when the protesters lit a flare and had a sit down, helped security lead one of the protesters away before they could continue their antics.

Local police said in a statement that two men and two women were detained “on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and public nuisance.”