FEC shows Democrat payments to voter registration company

FEC records reveal a Democrat dark money super PAC paid the company implicated in a Michigan police report of voter registration fra=*ud $11,254,919 to register voters for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

BlackPAC, a Democrat political action committee fueled by undisclosed contributions, funneled $11,254,919 to GBI Strategies LLC in 2020 to register voters for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Notably, BlackPAC, which garnered more than $44 million in funding during the 2020 election cycle, endorses Democratic candidates and causes.

A Michigan police investigation into GBI Strategies LLC was initiated following the observation of a Muskegon, Michigan, clerk who noticed an individual depositing 8,000 to 10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city office on October 8, 2020. This same individual returned multiple times over the next few weeks, registering an additional 2,500 voters. Disturbingly, many of those registration forms displayed identical handwriting with fraudulent addresses and falsified phone numbers.

Additionally, many signatures did not match those on file with Michigan’s Secretary of State.

A subsequent raid by Michigan authorities discovered pre-paid gift cards, firearms equipped with silencers, and disposable burner phones.

During the 2020 election season, Democratic election committees collectively channeled more than $4 million directly to GBI Strategies LLC:

  • Biden for President: $450,000
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign: $2,117,605
  • DNC Services Corp: $1,031,856
  • Democratic Party of Iowa: $493,100

Gary Bell, the owner of GBI Strategies LLC, is reportedly now working for CompMo Group, a Democrat get-out-the-vote organization founded by Shaun Kelleher, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Director, during the 2020 election cycle. According to Bell’s biography on the CompMo Group’s website, Bell has personally managed over 70 organizing operations in 20 different states, often “leading hundreds of field managers and thousands of canvassers in get-out-the-vote operations.” His biography lists voter registration campaigns for DSCC, DNC, Black PAC, and Black Church PAC, which matches the voter registration work GBI Strategies LLC did during the 2020 election.

Thank you to the @gatewaypundit for making this police report available to the public.

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