Seems you like the climate updates… Here are some more.

I have received messages that you like to see the other side of the climate debate. I run a risk of getting throttled by the big email companies or sent straight to spam so I hope this gets through and that you enjoy a break from being bashed over the head with the “boiling earth’ hysteria.

Judith Curry is a rockstar in the alternate climate theory world. Naturally, she is silenced and cancelled regularly. But for decades she was a heroine. She tied natural hurricane events to global warming. The climate alarmists were ecstatic – here was a way to tie weather to climate. Then some more data came in and she looked at the science and changed her mind. Guess what happened to her popularity in AGW circles?

Since becoming a pariah she has continued to speak sense to power – arguing every point against the doomsayers and the unelected bureaucrats of the United Nations and its allies who are using the cover of protecting the planet to seize power, depopulate, stifle agriculture, herd us into cities, and allocate travel and property privileges to the elites. Always look out for her work.

Not a single prediction correct this summer

More ice with that?

The tragedy of Maui

Officials are unsure what started the ongoing blazes in Maui that have killed six people, forced hundreds of evacuationstorched structures, left thousands without power and prompted some locals to bolt into the ocean to escape marauding flames. But some experts said they suspect human development on the island is at least partly to blame for the destruction.

Wildfires have quadrupled in Hawaii in recent decades, and many scientists say the culprit is unmanaged, nonnative grasslands planted by plantations and ranchers and others unfamiliar with the island’s native ecosystems. The grass is dry and prone to fires. USAToday

Can you say ‘censorship’?