PART 1: Grand Jury’s charges against Trump were posted on GA website BEFORE it had indicted!

Having posted charges and then removing them, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office released a statement clarifying that no charges had been officially filed against Trump.

Fani T. Willis is the District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia

The Reuters report that those charges were filed is inaccurate. Beyond that, we cannot comment,” expressed a spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office. The Reuters reporter has deleted his tweet claiming Trump had been charged in Georgia.

But, the internet is forever…

If former President Trump were to be indicted in Georgia, it would represent his fourth indictment in less than five months.

There are 39 charges with some very stiff penalties, including a RICO charge which also has harsh penalties for co-conspirators. A RICO case means they can put the squeeze on his aides or anyone involved in any conversations (Pence?) and hope they flip and turn state’s evidence on President Trump.

One presidential candidate is incensed.

Vivek Ramaswamy posted on X:

Here we go again: another disastrous Trump indictment. It’s downright pathetic that Fulton County publicly posted the indictment on its website even before the grand jury had finished convening. Since the four prosecutions against Trump are using novel & untested legal theories, it’s fair game for him to do the same in defense: immediately file a motion to dismiss for a constitutional due process violation for publicly issuing an indictment before the grand jury had actually signed one. He should make a strong argument on these grounds & it would send a powerful message to the ever-expansive prosecutorial police state. As someone who’s running for President against Trump, I’d volunteer to write the amicus brief to the court myself: prosecutors should not be deciding U.S. presidential elections, and if they’re so overzealous that they commit constitutional violations, then the cases should be thrown out & they should be held accountable.