He’ll dominate without even being there…

AF Branco for Americans Care

Tucker Carlson taped an interview with former President Donald Trump several days ago and plans to stream it on X, formerly known as Twitter, without ads

The X post below is a great example of how little the Left understands the passion that millions of Americans have for former President Donald Trump. They are not political insiders or virtual signaling influencers – the people who love Trump are real, come from all walks of life and trust him. Right or wrong, they are all in for him. They believe the election was stolen and the endless indictments are un-American, partisan and just plain wrong. 

CNN just doesn’t get that.

The conservatives’ former flagship, FOX News, fell from grace and began to lose viewers when it called Arizona for Biden as their polls closed in 2020. Over the next couple of years real people, aka Beltway outsiders, continued to watch the handful of anchors they could stomach, and would still tune in their millions to watch Tucker Carlsen. When FOX screwed with him and he threw in his lot with Elon Musk on X it gave them a place to see their hero soar. Tucker unleashed the full force of his intellect and his unique ability to articulate what he sees and thinks clearly, and at speed.

Tonight he has secured the interview of a lifetime. Up against a Republican debate of hopeful also-rans on FOX, X will broadcast an interview between Tucker Carlson and President Trump. It is a milestone in broadcasting history. Digital is showing the way forward while flashing a middle finger back at TV and the mainstream, democrat-controlled media.