Maui – A Confederacy of Dunces

I’m not posting this X because of the conspiracy theory (that the fires were deliberately set to clear land for elites and NWO development) but for the footage of the fire itself. At SRC we subscribe to the confederacy of dunces theory, that Maui and Hawai’i overall is run by liberal incompetents.

Example one: The Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was also incident commander for the 2017 Las Vegas shooting which was never resolved. He also did this.

Oh, and did you know he’s also the coroner?

He’s now working with the military to keep the lockdown in place. They know what will happen if the people return. The reasoning is that the ashes contain human remains and it’s culturally sensitive to keep people out. The locals are unhappy about this.

Example Two: The West Maui Land Company, which manages several agricultural and residential subdivisions along with water jurisdictions, says that it requested water the day of the catastrophic wildfire in Maui from the Commission On Water Resource Management but was initially denied for several hours.

The company alleges the reason for that delay was that the commission had to clear the move with local farmers. By the time the request was granted, several hours later, the company says it was too late. 

“One thing that people need to understand especially those from far away is that there’s been a great deal of water conflict on Maui for many years,” Hawaii Governor Josh Green said in a press conference. “It’s important that we’re honest about this. People have been fighting against the release of water to fight fires. I’ll leave that to you to explore…There are currently people still fighting in our state giving us water access to fight and prepare for fires even as more storms arise.” MSN

Example Three: The mayor is remaining silent about the number of children presumed perished. School should have returned that day but the children stayed home because of the high winds. Their parents were at work, there were no phone alerts, no sirens. The fires traveled fast. The tragic results were inevitable.

Media Blackout ordered for “Cultural Sensitivity” reasons

The Commander in Chief and President of all the States compares small domestic incident to devastation of Lahaina – add dozes off…

That didn’t go down well (language warning)