Does this shadowy group control the world’s major powers?

Theodore”Ted” L. Gunderson (November 7, 1928 – July 31, 2011) was a Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI, an American author, and a “conspiracy theorist” (Wikipedia’s words). Some of his FBI case work included the death of Marilyn Monroe and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He was the author of the best-selling book How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home. In later life, he researched a number of topics, notably including satanic ritual abuse.

The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a conspiracy theory that claims a powerful group was founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and rules the world. Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee’s existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.

Gunderson believed they were alive and well. He apparently died in 2011 so the video below lacks today’s technology.

THE GRAND ILLUSION: Former FBI Head confirms the Illuminati wants to rule the world and has infiltrated every level of society including prosecutors, judges, industry, politicians and the White House. Their Secret Covenant is the intentional demise of humanity through wars, pandemics, climate change, division, poison, terrorist acts, disease and death. The Illuminati are members of the Committee of 300 and this is their Secret Covenant against Humanity: continued in the X below.