The indictments of Donald Trump are tissue thin and only intended to do this.

Online records from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office showed President Trump was booked on 13 charges.

This comes after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Aug. 14 indicted him and 18 of his associates on various felony charges related to allegations that a strategy by several lawyers counseling President Trump to set up alternate groups of electors in multiple states in 2020, thereby postponing the electoral vote count, amounted to a criminal enterprise. Among the charges is a racketeering conspiracy stemming from attempts to challenge the official results of the 2020 election.

Probably shouldn’t throw the first stone if you’re accusing someone of election denial…

She and the huge section of the Left that thinks bringing charges against a former president are a good idea have obviously bitten off a lot more than they can chew. They have mishandled the charging of President Trump and allowed him to gain the upper hand in the media, and indeed to fundraise from their insistence upon a mugshot. They thought he would look pathetic but instead he roared into the limelight and even used X for the first time in two years – instantly gathering millions of views.

Then there are the charges themselves.

Double Jeopardy

President Donald Trump has executive authority granted to him by virtue of his office. Certain benefits and even executive immunity flow from that power. These privileges include those that are specifically listed in the Constitution.

The factual grounds upon which President Trump is alleged to have committed a crime or crimes while performing his official duties as president have already been twice considered by the House of Representatives, for which the president—in accordance with Article II, Sec. 4 of the US Constitution—was acquitted both times by the Senate. This is relevant for the purposes of what is relevant in Jack Smith’s two indictments. All available legal remedies have been used up as a result of the Senate’s decision not to convict President Trump of the alleged crimes he committed.

“Each claim is discreditable”

Let’s look at some of the other charges.

The article below begins:

The legal claims stipulated in Jack Smith’s latest indictment are spurious, constitutionally unfounded, and patently unlawful. The overriding theory of Smith’s case is that Donald Trump conspired to defraud the United States and obstruct an official election proceeding as president. The Smith indictment further stipulates a “conspiracy against rights,” which again goes to the President’s alleged scheme to knowingly conspire to deprive Americans of their right to vote and have their votes counted fairly. As will be discussed below, each one of these claims are easily discreditable, and have no basis whatsoever in law or fact.

Classic misstep – Never underestimate a media expert