Ever get the feeling it doesn’t matter how we vote – there’s a something bigger controlling it all? You’re not alone.

Young Global Leaders in place around the world. Missing from the photo are Vladimir Putin (Russia), Rishi Sunak (UK), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta).

I know I never voted for XXX-rated sex to be taught in schools. I didn’t vote to erase women by replacing them with men in skirts. I didn’t vote to be compelled to take drugs or else not be able to travel. I never voted for unchecked immigration. I never voted to allow the World Health Organization to dictate my healthcare. I never voted to replace my dishwasher with one that doesn’t work because, muh, “climate change”.

And yet. All of these things are invading my daily life. It’s time to look for the source of the Deep State’s ability to control us. Sometimes it’s though power-hungry bureaucrats, sometimes it’s through brainwashed leadership. But it’s there. And maybe this is the reason.

The video is here: Watch the full video here – it is terrifying. It’s 20 minutes long. But very, very worth it.

The Managing Board, chaired by the Forum’s President, Børge Brende, acts as the executive body of the World Economic Forum. It ensures that activities fulfill the mission of the Forum and acts as its representative to outside parties. Recognize anyone?