This is how the Tribal Police dealt with climate protestors in Nevada – Too much?

It would appear that the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police made the decision that whining “we are environmental protestors” were creating a nuisance and needed to be stopped. As James Woods points out in his X (below), the heat index in the Nevada desert would cause great problems for stopped cars.

These climate and anti-capitalist activists blocked a road leading into Burning Man, a crazy festival held each summer just outside Gerlach. Sunday was the annual event’s opening day and the blockade created miles of gridlock and led to clashes with motorists and tribal rangers in the Nevada desert.

As you can see, the protestors had a trailer blocking the road along with about half a dozen protesters, some of whom locked themselves to the trailer, and banners with signs including “BURNERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!,” “ABOLISH CAPITALISM,” and “GENERAL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE,” also blocked the road. A sign reading “Ban Private Jets” was draped across the asphalt.

It is unclear when officers were called, how many people were arrested or why an officer pulled a gun on what appear to be unarmed protesters. Officials with Pyramid Lake did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Burning Man began Sunday and runs through Sept. 4, according to the Burning Man Project website.