Anyone know what these are? They were in the sky before the Moroccan earthquake

Mysterious blue light flashed in the sky moments before the Morocco earthquake A similar phenomenon was previously observed before the earthquake in Turkey. I have read that the blue lights could be caused by piezoelectric discharge related to the compression of the tectonic plates, but the dancing points of light have me stumped ~ Kelly.

The Jerusalem Post:

The world remains gripped by fear and astonishment in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Marrakech and its surrounding areas in Morocco on Friday night, claiming over 2,000 lives. As the death toll rises, authorities scour for surveillance footage capturing every moment leading up to, during, and after this disaster.

Recent revelations show security cameras in one of the city’s residences capturing enigmatic bursts of blue light in the sky, approximately three minutes before the powerful earthquake. The cause of this phenomenon remains elusive, and whether it is a harbinger of impending calamity remains unknown.

These dancing lights were also seen