Conspiracy of the Day: Depopulation with Schwab and Kissinger

TRANSCRIPT OF X: Klaus Schwab is a student, colleague, and very close friend of Henry Kissinger, and Kissinger is the student of the Rockefellers, who are literal card carrying eugenicists who have repeatedly expressed their open goal in reducing the world population for decades. They’ve written down how they plan to do it and by what means quite thoroughly.

The Jaffe memo, NSSM-200 from Kissinger, Club of Rome, Rockefeller Population Council, Carnegie foundation, Bilderberg, and numerous others that paint the picture clearly under the guise of philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Only the useful idiots give them plausible deniability and assume positive moral intent.

You’d think if anyone with intellectual honesty investigated the associations surrounding the WEF, Rockefellers, and their open capture of various governments like with Trudeau and the Biden administration, they’d see what’s happening right now and know whatever they’re told to do, like getting a mRNA vaccine or castrating their child, is probably a bad idea and has nothing to do with identity, rights, or morals.

They obviously just want to gaslight and trick you into removing yourself from the gene pool, and they’re trying to trick you from every vector imaginable, especially through vaccines and food. Jonas Salk described it as a survival of the wisest.

You have to question everything if you want to be wise.

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