Biden puts target on Americans backs with $6 billion Iran prisoner swap

Whatever happened to not dealing with terrorists?

Yesterday, the United States and Iran swapped five prisoners as part of a deal in years as Tehran gained access to $6 billion in frozen funds. That’s $1.25 billion each.

The five Americans freed by Iran, including one held for eight years, flew out of Tehran in a Qatari jet, hours after the unblocked funds were deposited in accounts also managed by Qatar.

The freed prisoners walked in the setting sun on the tarmac and within hours a separate U.S. government plane shuttled them to Washington. Two of the Iranian detainees returned to Tehran after transiting Doha, Iranian official media said. The other three released by the United States have opted to remain there or in a third country. Daily Sabah

Following discussions led in part by Qatar, the two countries completed the exchange after the transfer of $6 billion in funds, frozen by U.S. ally South Korea.

The Biden administration has rejected criticism at home that it was paying “ransom,” insisting the money will be used only for humanitarian purposes, with a threat to refreeze the funds if not.

But Iran has insisted it has full access.

So bad even Mitt hates it

Biden’s Republican rivals have roundly denounced the deal. Republican Senator Mitt Romney said it would lead to “kidnappings.”

“The idea of basically paying to release, in this effect, a hostage is a terrible idea,” he said.

Trump is not impressed

Not everyone is coming home