Is this massive development a third-world cartel and alien haven in Southeast Texas?

A politically connected real estate firm seems to be tied to a local boom of undocumented immigrants. The land development company Terrenos Houston has successfully marketed owner-financed lots to tens of thousands of presumed illegal immigrants who cannot qualify for traditional bank loans. Owners then build shelters and homes of various kinds. The developer Trey Harris ( a Greg Abbott donor) gives illegals direct home loans so they don’t need social security numbers. It features gang activity and has become a strategic hub for the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels.

About 50 miles northeast of Houston is headquartered a land development company called Colony Ridge. According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Colony Ridge has about 22,000 residents, and evidence suggests it serves as a sort of landing ground for people who have entered the country illegally.

Colony Ridge is owned by the Harris family, which rejects the notion that their developments cater to illegal immigrants. Brent Lane, the attorney representing Colony Ridge, said in an email:

Colony Ridge has nothing in its advertisements that targets a person without legal status to be in the United States. Colony Ridge does have a large percentage of Latinos living and buying property in their subdivision. Colony Ridge is a for profit company and seeks to maximize shareholder wealth (which is the stated duty of all for profit companies). It is true that the Houston area has a huge shortage of affordable housing. Colony Ridge has found the Latino community is underserved in regards to affordable housing. The company does use Spanish language ads as part of its marketing efforts, but there is nothing in those advertisements that targets a person without legal status.

Trey Harris, the owner and public face of Colony Ridge, concurred, saying in an email that “most Colony Ridge customers are born in Texas and US citizens.”

However, Maria Acevedo, who owns property inside Colony Ridge, claims that as many as 75 percent of the residents are in the country illegally. American Conservative