Is Biden’s Ambassador pick a Satanist?

Marina Abramovic posing with Lord Jacob Rothschild in front of a painting she owns. “Satan summoning his Legions” (1979) by Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Marina Abramovic, an infamous performance artist, has been appointed as an ambassador for rebuilding schools in Ukraine by President Zelensky. Not unexpectedly, this has ignited a storm of controversy surrounding her past, including accusations of satanism.

If she is an ironic artist, she does take it to extremes. A career milestone includes her performance, “The Artist Is Present” at MoMA in 2010, where she sat motionless for hours, creating emotional connections with her audience.

But it is her Spirit Cooking that put her on the map. This is a disgusting “recipe” of human excretions and body parts that appeared to require violent acts during the cooking process. Most people believe it to be Satanic.

Sane people also question why she hangs out with the  Clintons, Rothschilds, and Gates.

In response to accusations, Marina Abramovic has denied any involvement in satanism. She claims that her work revolves around spirituality and has been misrepresented.

She attracted the attention of Zelensky because she has expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people during the war with Russia, even restaging her famous “The Artist Is Present” performance to raise funds for Ukraine.

Marina Abramovic’s appointment as a Ukrainian ambassador has ignited controversy due to her past art performances and alleged associations. The Biden Administration, with its usual tin ear, has agreed to send her to Ukraine to help with rebuilding schools. Their perversion is showing.

Do you think this is art? Or something deeper and darker?