How to save whales – the real way. (+Free Movie)

A month ago, Public released our first documentary, Thrown To The Wind, by journalist and filmmaker Jonah Markowitz. Thrown To The Wind reveals the reality behind the specious claims of an industry that has long billed itself as a boon to the natural environment. Our film exposes the price the world is actually paying for the industrialization of our oceans by offshore wind corporations: the killing of whales and the potential extinction of an entire cetacean species.

We founded Public to do precisely this kind of journalism: independent, uncompromising, evidence-based reporting that the mainstream media is too industry-captured and too ideologically blinkered to undertake. Those of you who are paying for Public make that possible. Without your support, we couldn’t do any of this.

Today, we’re releasing Thrown To The Wind widely, without the paywall. It’s imperative that this film reach as wide an audience as possible, to maximize its real-world impact. The survival of the North American Right Whale may depend on it.

While we want as many people as possible to watch our film, we owe a special thanks to those of you who pay for Public. Both filmmaking and investigative journalism are expensive. You’re what makes it possible. Thank you. Link here

Yes, they know they’re killing whales