Famous leader told he’s a piece of %*&# by angry voter

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Justin Trudeau, the dimwit in charge of Canada. Not only did he host an actual Nazi in the country’s parliament but he then shamelessly blamed someone else.

He managed to create a huge rift with India, the other large Commonwealth of Nations country that emerged from the British empire by accusing the nation of murdering a Canadian.

He is a vocal supporter of Ukraine, a cause that is rapidly waning in most countries as tax payers realize this is another endless war and their taxes are going to the industrial military complex and not into supporting their own country. Justin Trudeau’s latest pledge to Ukraine — which includes $650 million over three years for 50 armoured vehicles — has been met with some public pushback from Canadians and raised questions about what’s expected from Canada when it comes to international obligations.

And now this! A citizen took him to task and did not mince his words.

“I’m not shaking your hand, you’re a piece of sh!t… you’ve fckd up the entire country”…

His eight year tenure is wearing thin as he had embraced every progressive whim and is a slave to the WEF, which once named him a Global Young Leader. He introduced totalitarian and spiteful measures during the pandemic to silence dissenters to the injection and punished truck drivers who brought their anger to Ottawa, the capital.