This cheeky monkey chugged beer, broke into a home and sent cops on 24-hour chase

Meet Momo. He’s a little monkey, well actually he’s a patas monkey — the planet’s fastest primate that can move at speeds up to 34 mph.

An Indianapolis man has been cited after his pet monkey escaped from his east-side yard and roamed the city’s streets, prompting 911 calls, before the animal was captured Thursday morning. Momo was captured by the brother of the monkey’s owner after police tracked the primate to the bathroom of a house under construction. a neighbor claimed to have spotted Momo drinking a beer he snatched from a garbage can.

It’s unclear if Momo will ever return to his home, as after his capture, he was taken into the care of Indianapolis’ Animal Care Services, which turned him over to staff at the Indianapolis Zoo.

There is no evidence of neglect of the animal and no reports of injuries. Animal Care did use the incident to point out the downsides of having a monkey as a pet.