Official BLASTS legacy media and says what we’re all thinking


A Croatian official has called for major mainstream media outlets to be deemed “terrorist organizations” due to “fake news and hate they spread.”

Mislav Kolakušić, a former judge and politically independent member of European Parliament (MEP), slammed a variety of prominent media organizations along with European Union bodies in a blistering speech on the floor this week in Strasbourg, France.

“During the so-called pandemics and forced wars, they produce enormous amounts of false information and spread hatred among people and nations, resulting in millions of victims throughout Europe and the world.”

Kolakušić warned that mainstream media propaganda is leading the world “into the dark ages of totalitarian systems.”

He went on to condemn the European Commission and fellow members of parliament for destroying Europe’s formerly thriving economy via draconian “lockdowns based on nothing,” fraudulent “green” policies, and onerous restrictions that he says will ensure the rise of China and other nations to global dominance.

One comment don his X read: The MSM has become an important and unique instrument of the global security state, not only in dominating the minds and psychology of citizens, but also as an instrument of foreign policy and psychological warfare against other nations and own citizens.

Let’s hope this movement grows!