Is this the end of Britain as we know it?


Diversity, apparently, is not the UK’s strength. Multiculturalism was a horrible experiment that proves that a tolerant homogeneous “melting pot” society where people are linked in a common aim is successful and preferable to the divisive “stir-fry” approach favored by the destructive Left. 

The United Kingdom has been admitting unchecked numbers of “refugees”, migrants and former colonial citizens. They have not been asked to mix in – they have been left to form their own mini-versions of their homelands. It has been a disaster and changed the demographic makeup and political landscape out of all recognition. 

Britain is rapidly changing. Can it survive in one piece?

The Cenotaph is the UK’s war memorial to the people who gave their lives for their country

Hate the Jews all you like but mis-gender someone and it’s off to jail