The Day After – And the Hospital Bombing Looks Different


Al Jazeera had a webcam up and saw the moment the explosion rocked the hospital. They called out the Islamic Jihad for a failed missile but it was too late. The story that Israel had targeted a hospital was already spreading across the world, inflaming passions and sparking riots directed at US and Israel targets. The fog of war then did its thing. Casualties were declared to be in the high hundreds before anyone could possibly have checked the number.

Rumors swirled.

Footage from Russian TV shows very little interior damage

Photos of the aftermath show that the vast majority of the damage is from fire. Only 3 cars show any clear sign of kinnetic/structural damage. And for two of them, the general structure remains intact – despite clear damage.

In this thread you will see surveillance camera footage from Netiv Haasara that shows a large barrage of rockets being launched from northern Gaza, followed by a massive blast in the Strip, apparently caused by a failed projectile.