Biden meets Australian Prime Minister and it’s painful

Biden held a joint press conference alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the White House during a state visit on Wednesday.

It is a massively painful to watch as two champion virtue signalers share platitudes. Albanese is a petty tyrant and Biden is a senile old man who has to read from notes. Figureheads they may be, leaders they are not. At this point they are merely sales reps for their biggest lobbyists.

The theme of the event is “innovation,” according to senior Biden administration officials, and the leaders plan to announce a new submarine cable project to provide reliable internet for Pacific Island countries as part of the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment — a U.S.-led effort widely viewed as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Biden and Albanese stressed the critical importance of the U.S.-Australia relationship, with Mr. Biden emphasizing the importance of managing a competitive relationship with China and addressing Hamas’ violence against Israel. Albanese took a slightly more careful approach to the topic of China, and stressed the importance of supporting Ukraine as it battles Russian aggression. 

Also on the menu: New cooperation on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and critical minerals, and plans for U.S. space launches from Australia.