Jewish kids lock themselves away from pro-Hamas protesters


The Cooper Union* in New York had to rush Jewish students to barricade into the library as a pro-Palestine protest outside threatened to turn violent. Footage from the incidents shows a group of concerned students looking around as loud banging and chanting are heard in the background.

A video shared on social media showed pro-Palestinian protesters pounding on one side of locked library doors and Jewish students on the other.

The Jewish students barricaded in the library were terrified, some of them shaken. They believed they could’ve been physically assaulted and injured, and feared for their well-being. One of the slogans heard was “Globalize the intifada from New York to Gaza” (From the X thread below)

*The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, established in 1859, is among the nation’s oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher education. The college, founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist, Peter Cooper, offers a world-class education in art, architecture and engineering as well as an outstanding faculty of humanities and social sciences.