“The Nods” – If you see someone standing like this – know what is causing it!


In the US, fentanyl implicated deaths have escalated by around 600% between 2015 and 2021 according to the country’s National Safety Council.

Fentanyl – an easily home cooked synthetic drug – is filling the heroin gap caused by the ban on poppy growing in Afghanistan. Now, UN researchers monitoring the poppy ban suggested that synthetics could replace natural opiates in the next few years. Fentanyl is home cooked and can vary in toxicity/strength. Just a few grains can kill. 

But  it’s cheaper to produce and sell, is smaller, the profit margins are huge and it’s easier to package and transport. The crisis in North America has been worsened by a previous addiction to prescription opioids, which led to a massive uptake in fentanyl (and as we see below tranq, or xylazine, a tranquiliser used by vets for large animals), by addicts.

“The Nods”

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