Can the US still call itself an Israel ally when students act like this and call for repeat of this atrocity?


Historically, the USA has been in locked-step with Israel, defending the right of the small nation to exist surrounded by a sea of Muslim countries.

Quick comment…

Israel was created after the British carved up the region and has repeatedly suggested a two-state solution to live in harmony alongside the Palestinian populations in Gaza and the West Bank. This was not acceptable to the Palestinians – most of whom were originally refugees and they voted in the terrorist group, Hamas, to govern them. Their mission is unequivocal: Death to all Jews and a Palestinian state that reaches “from the river to the sea”. Its charter says: “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

The original, 1988 version of the Hamas Charter emphasize four main themes:

Destroying Israel and establishing an Islamic theocracy in Palestine is essential;
Unrestrained jihad is necessary to achieve this;
Negotiated resolutions of Jewish and Palestinian claims to the land are unacceptable;
Historical anti-semitic tropes that reinforce the goals.
The Covenant proclaims that Israel will exist until Islam obliterates it, and jihad against Jews is required until Judgement Day. Compromise over the land is forbidden. The documents promote holy war as divinely ordained, reject political solutions, and call for instilling these views in children.

The updated 2017 charter moderates Hamas’s position by stating that Hamas is not anti-Jewish but anti-Zionist, but retains the goal of eliminating Israel. (Zionists want a state of Israel – there are Jews that do not wish this.)

Israel is in red and shares that space with Palestine

As the rest of the Middle East prospered, for some reason the only aid they supplied was turned into tunnels, arms and rockets and the adjoining countries, Egypt and Jordan created secure borders that would make Donal Trump envious. Poverty and ignorance are the biggest contributors to current Palestinian society – although the Hamas leaders live as millionaires in Qatari – and they depend upon Israel for power, much of their food and other essentials. The border between Palestine and Israel was, until the October 7 atrocities, very porous.

Palestinians are excellent propagandists. And as it is in the interest of many regional players to for them to maintain their victim status, they are well funded in this regard, so we are always kept aware of local tragedies. In one of the posts below, we can see that China is now getting involved. Realpolitik means keeping your own enemies on the back foot and China is good at this.

Chills: US kids call for “One Solution” eerily mimicking “Final Solution”

China funded this

Who supports Israel?

Younger voters are less likely to back Israel, support among Democrats for Israel’s conduct has declined and Americans overall are wary of being drawn into a Middle East war.

Those are three takeaways from a series of polls on Israel, the Palestinians and the war in Gaza that have been published in the more than three weeks since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7. In that attack, Hamas terrorists killed 1,400, wounded thousands, took more than 200 captives and sparked a war in which Israel’s stated goal is to depose the terror group, which controls the Gaza Strip.

More than 8,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli strikes, and Israeli casualties are mounting as its military deepens a ground invasion of Gaza.

The stark age divide was demonstrated by a poll published Thursday by Quinnipiac. Respondents were asked “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Israel is responding to the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack?” Half approved and 35% disapproved overall. But only 32% of respondents aged 18-34 approved of Israel’s response, as opposed to about 58% of those aged 50 and older. (JTA)

The young are vocal – especially leftist students

This from the Climate Justice Alliance. The left is crazy but their coalitions are tight.

Donors include Rihanna through her progressive climate Foundation.