Universities Have Become Staging Grounds for American Pogroms

The American university system has finally gone beyond failure and has become an active threat to the United States and her people.

We have reached peak political irony as LGBTQ activists cry in the streets of college campuses for a group, Hamas, that would hang them from cranes. Universities that once proclaimed the virtues of the American melting pot have become a haven for those who tear down and shred pictures of Jewish children.

The Cooper Union, a private college in New York City, which allowed Jewish students to be trapped in a library as pro-Hamas protesters beat on the doors in an attempt to gain entrance, published a call for “vigilance” against microaggressions in 2018. This document of cultural “findings” from Cooper Union’s Diversity Task Force called on the institution to “identify and take positive actions that support student belonging, validation, and a community; that is, a supportive culture and climate for diversity to thrive.”

As Jewish students of Cooper Union witnessed on Oct. 25, the Left’s idea of “belonging” and “validation” doesn’t include them.

Students at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, Boston University, and New York University have been recorded via cellphone video over the past two weeks tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children currently being held hostage by Hamas. 

These three universities have clear policies against the destruction of property, but only New York University has suggested that students caught tearing down posters may face disciplinary action.

George Mason University encourages staff and students to interrupt “microaggressions” as they’re happening—advising all to “prepare a strategy and rehearse” what to say in the event of witnessing a microaggression.

Yet, when a student was recorded tearing down a poster of a Jewish hostage on campus, the university chose to equally condemn the poster ripper and the one recording her tearing the poster down. George Mason scornfully called it “doxxing,” a colloquial term used to describe the process of posting a person’s private information online.

All of the sudden, George Mason is uncomfortable with the effects of “intervening” in a microaggression situation.

Curiously, although destruction of property is against the law (a Class 1 misdemeanor) in Virginia, George Mason University claims that the commonwealth’s attorney advised that “the conduct does not appear to be criminal in nature.” George Mason did not specify whether that refers to the student tearing down the poster or the one recording it.

This display of overt, undeniable hypocrisy confirms the pathetically weak and shallow principles of intersectional liberals.

Campus leftists that staged wild protests in anger over prominent right-leaning activists Ben ShapiroMichael Knowles, and Charlie Kirk coming to speak about conservatism and liberty are cheering the hordes of pro-Hamas lunatics sweeping through buildings to hunt down Jews or posters of them. 

We’re told by activist groups such as Black Lives Matter that Hamas’ proud display of rape and butchery are necessary acts of “decolonization,” inferring that “the Jews,” like Italians, Irish, Cubans, and Asians, have become too “white” for their own good.

These angry calls are not “dog whistles” like the Right has been accused of, such as whenever a politician makes the “OK” sign with his or her thumb and forefinger or when a man waves a Gadsden flag—but the stubborn and unabashed refusal to condemn a group that shoved babies into ovens, tied children’s rib cages together with wire, and raped wives in front of tortured husbands.

These proud advocates of “decolonization” chant genocidal slogans, praising leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, who will gladly tell any camera of their lust for the deaths of infidels and for the pogroms of centuries gone by, which left behind the corpses of Jews in Germany and Poland, and Christians in Armenia. 

It’s no wonder that donors have begun pulling funding from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard. How can you, with clear conscience, give money to an institution that welcomes and defends the supporters of those who promise they’ll hunt down you and your children?

Rip every last dollar of state funding, and each and every grant, from any university that tolerates this disgusting hatred for the Judeo-Christian communities that built this nation. It is no longer enough that we scoff at the insolence of youth on our smartphones, for these jihadists have already picked up far more dangerous weapons.

Tony Kinnett is an investigative columnist for The Daily Signal. Original here. Reproduced with permission.

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