“I hope I have a high death count.”


A 28-year-old female shot and killed three children and three adults at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27. The shooter, who identified as a transgender man, left behind a manifesto detailing her plans for the attack at the Christian school.

As usual in these mass shootings the perp was a democrat with a mental illness.

The manifesto was found at the shooter’s home and included a map of the school. Police previously reported that the shooter had spent months planning the massacre.

The writings have been withheld from the public.

On Monday, “Louder with Crowder’s” Mug Club Undercover released three pages from the shooter’s illiterate writings. For instance she couldn’t spell White privilege, nor khakis, but she knew she hated them.

One page, dated the same day as the shooting, described the killer’s thoughts leading up to “death day.”

“Today is the day,” the shooter wrote. “The day has finally come!”

“I’m a little nervous, but excited too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks,” she continued. “There were several times I could have been caught especially back in the summer of 2021.”

“Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready. … I hope my victims aren’t,” she added.

“God let my wrath take over my anxiety,” the shooter said. “It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. It’s gonna go quick. I hope I have a high death count.”

She concluded the journal entry, “Ready to die.” And die she did, when the local police stormed the idling and took her down.

The Left’s predictable response for a protected minority

Interestingly, the newly elected Progressive Mayor of Nashville has opened an investigation into the leak of the Trans Terrorist Manifesto but isn’t as interested in exposing this deranged terrorist’s Woke ideology.

Remember, too, in the immediate days after the Nashville mass shooting, far-left protesters occupied the Tennessee capitol. They held a “moment of silence” where they honored shooter “Audrey” Hale as one of the “seven” victims. Hale killed six, including 3 children.

Even the Biden White House mourned this sick prick.