“A million a month” – The real threat at the Darien Gap

We’re big fans of Michael Yon and have been following him for years in troubleshoots around the globe. His reporting from the path to America through the southern border has been exceptional. Please consider donating to his work.

“If you can get your feet anywhere into South America, you can then get anywhere in the United States or Canada very easily, within a week or two.”

Michael Yon joins Steve Bannon to explain how the Darien Gap functions as the major invasion route into the United States.

If you have not been following what is happening at Darian Gap, watching this video will provide an understanding for the scope of this major issue. It cannot be ignored.

“The aliens used to stay in the camps sometimes for several days, even weeks. Now they usually just stay for several hours, maybe overnight.”

“By 2025, I would not be surprised to see a million per month coming through Darian [Gap].”