Watch: Matt Gaetz UNLOADS on House Floor and rightly so!


70 House Republicans voted in favor of funding $300 million for a new FBI headquarters in the heart of liberal fed-funded Greenbelt, Maryland. It will be even larger than the Pentagon, a famously huge office building. The money is being spent at a time when we have an insecure southern border and an under-funded military. Is it any wonder they keep losing when they vote to grow and weaponize government at every turn.


  • 6 floors
  • Spans 28.7 acres
  • 18 miles of corridors
  • 6,500,000 sq feet
  • Has 6 zip-codes

In 1908 when the FBI was started, it employed 40. Now it employs 37,000. Why does the FBI need a building this big?

So who voted for it? 70 Republicans who need to be taken to task