Why are Democrats so angry? Watch Liberal Voter Have Massive Anti-Trump Meltdown

Matt Hurt, chair of the Arlington GOP who was volunteering at his local polling station posted this spectacular example of an angry, unhinged liberal having a TDS episode of grand mal proportions. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Matt should be commended for his keeping his cool. We know Matt and he is a thorough gentleman so we should expect no less!

This guy is no exception to the pissed off liberal stereotype. Matt offered him a sample GOP ballot and got a rude and violent response for his trouble. Why do Democrats instinctively reach for vulgar language and violence if people do not agree with them? And why don’t they inform themselves about the events of J6, look at who was actually stealing votes in the 2020 election and generally inform themselves instead of spouting Sorosisms?

Arlington, VA is a deep red enclave of privilege and disdain. It’s a company town, like most of the Northern Virginia (NoVa) suburbs and that company is the federal government which looks after itself very nicely, thank you, in many of the country’s most expensive residences.

This guy seems to be one of those guys sucking at the government’s teat. Brendan Anthony Martin (identified online) is a full time technical administrator for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) foster care system according to his (now deleted) LinkedIn account.

Another great example why we should a) shrink the government and b) move most of it to other states and share the federal love. I would like to think he’d been fired but you know that never happens to democrats.

Dude’s got priors