Is this 1960s plan the real reason for the war in Gaza?

As the Gaza battle intensifies, focus turns to the controversial Ben Gurion Canal Project, originally proposed in the 1960s as an alternative to the Suez Canal. But as long as Palestinians live there, there is a constant threat from Hamas to anything undertaken by Israel.

Named after Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, the project, conceived in the late 1960s, sought to create an alternative route to the Suez Canal, the primary shipping route connecting Europe and Asia.

The idea is to cut a channel through the Israeli-controlled Negev Desert from the end of the Gulf of Aqaba – the eastern arm of the Red Sea that lies in Israel’s southernmost point and southwest of Jordan – to the eastern Mediterranean coast. This would create an alternative to the Egyptian-controlled Suez Canal, which begins from the western arm of the Red Sea and runs through the northern Sinai Peninsula to the southeastern Mediterranean.

TRANSCRIPT: THE REAL REASON FOR THE GENOCIDE OF GAZA CITY: The Ben Gurion Canal Project – Declassified Documents Reveal Truth – Armstrong Economics “Around 20% of all world trade moves through the Suez Canal, which is controlled by Egypt. The Suez Canal was initially jointly controlled by French investors and Egypt. Isma’il Pasha was forced to sell Egypt’s shares to Britain amid a liquidity crisis in Egypt. Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser reclaimed the lucrative trade route in 1956, sparking the second Arab-Israeli war also known as the Suez Crisis. The West does not want to rely on Egypt, a close ally of Russia, for world trade. The Ben Gurion Canal Project, or Israeli Canal, has been the proposed solution since the 60s. Where would this canal be located? Part of it would flow precisely through the Gaza Strip..”