Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is you just elected a small government guy with big plans

Javier Milei destroyed expectations by a massive margin with 56% of the vote compared to just 44% for his rival, Sergio Massa in the Argentinian presidential elections last night.

The Left didn’t take it well. In scenes reminiscent of the night Hillary lost they openly wept and wailed.

Not that Milei will care. As he says, “You can’t give sh*t leftists an inch.” He loves his basket case country and hopes to turn it around through the application of Argentina First and small government libertarian principles. (He is a classic liberal but since the US progressives have stolen that moniker he’s a libertarian.) He is vehemently pro-life, anti-WEF, anti-woke and pro-country. At the very least it should be interesting. At best, his message will spread around the world.

As a world-renowned economist and a staunch critic of bureaucratic corruption, (also a soccer goalie and rock band member) Milei is expected to bring a pragmatic and knowledgeable approach to addressing Argentina’s economic woes. 

Milei’s bold, unapologetic stance against the political establishment and his criticism of the ‘woke’ ideology, often referring to its proponents as “leftards and shit leftists,” has made him a controversial figure. His victory is likely to elicit strong reactions from various quarters, with the ‘woke’ crowd expected to express dismay over his ascent to power.

Many media outlets have already demeaned Milei as a “populist,” and indeed labeled him a “trump” type character meaning it as a slur, when in reality he is exactly the opposite. He doesn’t tell people what they want to hear, and is honest about the real tradeoffs between “social justice” and capitalist prosperity.

Here he is detailing his first priorities