Good Grief – the climate nonsense they spout will kill us all…


As usual the global grifters are trying to blame the west for “global warming”. Please, take it up with China and India if you’re worried about emissions, they’re the ones doubly down on fossil fuels.

This latest global elite report, from the once great OXFAM, Climate Equality: A planet for the 99%, is trying to rich-shame us. But its casual assumption about man-made global warming in the introduction is the think that should send shivers through us all. It’s just not true, is provably false, and yet is declared with such confidence they assume their global warming carbon con-trick is actually real. They will not settle until they have frozen, starved and bullied us into submission.

Look at this: If no action is taken, the richest will continue to burn through the carbon we have left to use while keeping the global temperature below the safe limit of 1.5°C, destroying any chance of ending poverty and ensuring equality. 

It’s breathtaking in its boldness. And total lack of un-modeled evidence.