We’re told they’re peaceful not terrorists


The West Bank is considered the safe part of Palestine. It’s a short drive from Jerusalem, the road’s ends marked only be the difference in weaponry. The road block at one end holds AK-47s and at the other they have Uzis. Once upon a time when I visited Israel I would pass along that road as I prefer Arabic cuisine to Jewish and would make that trip to get tasty food. Now I wouldn’t dream of it. The Palestinian population has been treated abominably by its rulers, who of course teach them from the cradle that any suffering is caused by the Israelis.

Now, the tension has erupted and the Israelis, the only party seeking a peaceful two-party state, are considered a mortal enemy. So the Palestinians are now active hostiles.

Look at this barbarism. And remember this when you see the chanting crowds demanding “From the River to the Sea” or the MSM calling Palestinians “innocent civilians”.

Two Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel were executed in the Tulkarm refugee camp. One of the executed men had his legs cut off and his body discarded and thrown into a pile of garbage.

The organization calling itself “Resistance Security” referred to the executions, “We want to inform you that there is no immunity for any informant or traitor, and anyone proven to be involved in any assassination of our fighters and resistors will be attacked, pursued, and sentenced to death. To those who have sold themselves to the enemy’s masters, we say: Return to the embrace of your homeland and your people, and the door of repentance is open to you before you reach your bunkers.”