The “Circular Economy” – How the Rich will get richer by taking our stuff and telling us we’re better off for it.


“Why do you want to own a cell phone, if you can just lease it? Why shouldn’t you lease your refrigerator, or your washing machine, or your dishwasher? Why do you want to own it?”

WEF ‘Young Global Leader’, Ida Auken, delivers a sales pitch for a future without ownership, whereby products, tools and appliances are rented and shared—in what’s known as a “circular economy”—instead of being owned outright.

We have to stop these people. We know that this sanctimonious claptrap is a ploy to make us behave as they see fit. We will only be allowed to participate if we’re up-to-date with the required injections, our social credit score is high enough, and we haven’t exceeded our weekly carbon allowance. Otherwise, the CBDC (digital currency) you’re using to rent everything won’t allow the transaction to go through.