Socialism Humor


Following up on columns from March and July, let’s enjoy a third and final collection of socialism mockery for 2023.

Our first item shows what happens when some socialists realize they are the same as some other socialists.

Next we have a socialist admitting his true motive.

Our third item shows the difference between voluntary exchange (which produces a growing pie) and government coercion (which is a zero-sum game).

Next, we have a Venn Diagram about the intersection of socialism with various societal goals.

As usual, I’ve saved the best for last.

I’ve written serious columns about young people and their foolish dalliance with socialism, but I’ve never come up with a solution. A year in Venezuela would probably work wonders.

P.S. There’s another approach that might get young socialists (at least the studious ones) to realize the error of their ways. It’s depicted in this video and this video.