Iraq. It was twenty years ago today…


Actually it was 20 years ago yesterday, but here we are, two decades later and the instigators of a giant hoodwink are laughing and the man who uncovered their shenanigans, Julian Assange, rots in a British prison.

Over the years we have come to appreciate that Bush and Blair, formerly prime minister and president, both colluded to continue the perpetual war these countries have played a part in since the major conflicts of the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam. Both have prospered, particularly Blair who did not start out wealthy like George Bush.

Assange technically broke the law when he pointed out the truth. His punishment should be done by now. But the global elites are spiteful and petty. They need a strong message sent that opposition of any type will be quelled swiftly and brutally.

Watch this interesting observation about the part Blair played in the war in Iraq. It’s British, slightly left-of-center, but if you played a part in the War on Terror you might find her view illuminating.