The Epstein Files – The Difference between Presidents Clinton and Trump


In the ongoing case Giuffre v. Maxwell, a batch of 40 court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous properties was released by a federal court late yesterday. They include the real names of previously redacted associates and connections. Giuffre states that Epstein and Maxwell began trafficking her when she was 15.

The documents are not in a list form but comprise over 900 pages of depositions, transcribed interviews, emails, and other evidence, with previously redacted names now revealed. You can read the documents in full here.

In fact, as there are so many documents there is a movement on many social media platforms to have the public scour the documents and upload interesting findings.

A quick look has revealed a stark difference between the two presidents on the list. Clinton is referenced for possibly participating in dark deeds with underage girls on Epstein’s island. Donald Trump is not, despite the prosecution digging deep for dirt on the former president.

It is the depositions we need to attend to. Federal Judge Loretta Preska ruled that starting Jan. 2, the identities of over 150 influential associates of Jeffrey Epstein would be unsealed and made public. She made good yesterday although there are more batches of documents that have yet to be uploaded by the Giuffre and Maxwell attorneys.

I think we all know that had any connection between Trump and an underage girl been found we would all know about it by now. (Incidentally, can you imagine ‘Trump the Germaphobe’ enduring a massage from one of these people?).


Bill Clinton is John Doe #36. This deposition was essential to provide information on his relationship with Maxwell and Epstein. Epstein and Maxwell allegedly groomed underage girls to satiate the perverted desires of powerful men.


The deposition of Victoria Guiffre appears to exonerate Trump, although you would not know it from the MSM coverage. His name is mentioned constantly on TV because it features on a flight log. As the MSM is stating for everyone else, appearance on the flight log does not mean that person engaged in anything illegal.

It is well known that President Donald Trump banned wealthy investor and former friend, Jeffrey Epstein from his exclusive Mar-a-Lago club for hitting on the teenage daughter of another member. At the time, Trump did not reveal publicly what led to his falling out with Epstein, whom he said he had not spoken to for up to 15 years. “I’m not a fan of his,” Trump said then.

When questioned, Giuffre said this in connection to Trump