If they’ll do this – How long before it’s your home that’s a target?


This is what happened in the sanctuary city of New York when they ran out of hotel rooms. They closed down a school paid for by taxpayers and told the parents their kids would be taught remotely because they needed the gym for migrants.

What happens when they run out of schools, nursing homes, places of worship and hotels?

Will they come for your home?

The situation in New York is so bad they are playing musical chairs with the migrants who have been there for over two months.

Yesterday, migrant families were moved out of a midtown Manhattan hotel as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to ease the pressure on New York City’s strained shelter system by imposing a 60-day limit on shelter stays. He also moved nearly 2,000 migrants out of the temporary city at tFloyd Bennett Field, the former airport in Brooklyn, and into the schools (as mentioned above) in anticipation of the storm that swept the eastern seaboard that night. The migrants were returned the next day.

The roughly 40 families that left Row NYC, in the heart of the city’s Theater District, are the first of scores of families that are expected to leave city shelters in the coming weeks. Some of those leaving on Tuesday immediately reapplied for beds, while some said they had managed to find more permanent accommodations outside of the system.

Adams, a Democrat, imposed the limit in October for homeless migrant families, saying the move was necessary to relieve a shelter system overwhelmed by asylum-seekers crossing the southern U.S. border. In reality, most of these migrants packed their belongings and trekked the 20-minute walk to the Roosevelt Hotel to try their luck there. The Adams administration has warned for weeks that no one seeking a new placement is guaranteed another bed although the administration said it would prioritize families and try to place them near their children’s schools in order to minimize any disruption to their education.

This comes on the heels last month of the unfortunate incident of a Korean veteran being relocated when the NYC authorities came for the nursing home he was living in.

Last year, Eric James suggested a scheme for New Yorkers to accept illegal immigrants into their private homes and get paid for it.

How long before this becomes compulsory?