Conservatives in European country arrested by new globalist leader


The once predictably classically conservative God-fearing country of Poland has fallen. It recently elected Donald Tusk, a former president of the globalist European Council, liberal and arch-europhile, to the post of prime minister.

Enter the totalitarian EU mindset so influenced by the World Economic Forum and the unelected bureaucrats of the United Nation.

Last week Tusk sent in the police to arrest Conservative supporting journalists and the editors of news media.

Now Tusk is on a collision course with opponents after his police arrested two conservative politicians convicted of “abuse of power” who had taken refuge for hours in the palace of Polish president, Andrzej Duda.

The development is the latest in the escalating dispute between Mr Tusk’s recently appointed left-leaning government, and PiS, which governed Poland for eight years until last month, when it was defeated in October’s general election.

But while Tusk decried what he called a “very dangerous situation”, Jarosław Kaczynski, leader of the ousted right-wing Justice and Law Party (PiS) and himself a former Prime Minister, suggested the former President of the European Council only had himself to blame, accusing him of “putting the Polish constitution under threat”. Previously he had accused Tusk of being a German agent.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has plunged his country into its worst political crisis since the 1980s in less than a month since returning to power. The Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture concluded in a detailed report late December that his planned judicial and media “reforms” are anti-constitutional. In brief, he wants to subordinate Polish sovereignty to German-controlled European institutions exactly as the former ruling party’s chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski repeatedly warned about last year.

It’s not hyperbole either to describe the political crisis caused by these so-called “reforms” as a constitutional one since new Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Holownia just suspended its proceedings for a week on precisely that pretext per the exact language that he himself used. This wasn’t due to Poland’s silent compliance with the EU’s new migration pact that’ll mandate the import of illegal immigrants under pain of financial punishment, however, nor Tusk’s forceful seizure of the national media.

What brought everything to this point was the police arresting two former ministers inside the presidential palace, who’d earlier been pardoned by President Andrzej Duda for allegedly entrapping a suspect, after the Supreme Court controversially reopened their case and then convicted them. Duda hails from the former ruling party and will remain in office until the planned spring 2025 presidential elections, unless of course he’s somehow or another removed before then, which can’t be ruled out. Survive the News

Meanwhile, in Germany

The German farmers fight-back against the agro-diesel fuel tax continues with reinforcements arriving from other EU countries. The people are mounting a massive display of resistance.

This tax is a just a small part of the massive war being waged against EU farmers who are being unfairly blamed for their part in man-made climate change. It’s all part of the WEF/global elites/UN’s plans to starve us into eating bugs and freezing our asses off in urban hellholes controlled by our betters for the “Greater Good”.

Germans and Europeans in general know a thing or two about jackboot policies and it’s good to see them waking up – hopefully in time to stop the destructive trend.

See how Klaus Schwab hates libertarians! If Klaus hates it, it has to be a good thing!