Why is Lahaina, Hawaii still off-limits to EVERYONE?


No one seems concerned that months after the terrible fire in Maui, owners are still unable to access their home, or where it stood, and are still paying mortgages because the Administration is prohibiting access to the land. This is highly unusual and is not helping to quell the conspiracy that the fire was i) deliberate to force the residents out so the elites could purchase prime property or ii) the fire was caused by some kind of energy blast, or laser, or ultra secret military weapon and they are keeping the area private to prevent secrets leaking out.


The Mainstream Media Refuses To Cover What’s Happened In Hawaii After The Lahaina, Maui Fire

The US Government Is Still REFUSING To Let Insurance Adjusters Into The Area So No One Can Get Paid On Their Claims & REFUSING All Building Permits So No One Can Rebuild

2,207 Homes Burnt Down
0 Homes Repaired
0 Building Permits Have Been Issued
The Banks Are Still Charging The Victims On Their Mortgages

“I’m willing to bet most people aren’t aware of how bad the United States government is the people who lost their home in the Maui fire. See, as a result of the Maui wildfire, 2,207 homes in Lahaina burnt down, and I’m sure that you would imagine there’s a lot of reconstruction going on, but you’d be wrong. See, since the Maui wildfire, not a single building permit has been approved. Not one. Oh, and I’m sure you’d also think that all the people that had their homes burned down were gonna be receiving insurance payouts.

And you’re probably thinking that the only reason they haven’t received those insurance payouts is because of the evil insurance companies don’t wanna pay them, but you would be wrong again.

See, the insurance companies haven’t been able to pay anything because the United States government won’t even allow the insurance adjusters into the area, where all they wanna do is go in there and verify that these buildings have burned down. They wanna verify how extensive the damage is for each of the homes that they insured. And for a lot of these homes, it would be as easy as them driving up, taking a picture of a burnt down property, therefore verifying that that home no longer exists, and then they could cut a check, but the US government won’t let them do that, and the US government won’t let anybody rebuild. And here’s the wildest part.

Because the insurance adjusters can’t verify that these homes burnt down and because the United States government won’t approve a single building permit, all of these people are still paying their mortgages. These people no longer have homes, but because they’re not approving building permits and they’re not letting the insurance adjusters in, the banks are still charging these people a mortgage. These people are paying a mortgage on houses that don’t even exist, and many of them are getting foreclosed on. Like, imagine how ridiculous that is. Your house burnt to the fucking ground.

Your insurance company wants to go out there. They wanna go see the burnt down house, take a picture, and cut you a check. But the government in the interest of helping people, I guess, won’t let them do that. So the banks get to keep collecting the mortgage payments. And if you can’t make the mortgage payments on the house that isn’t even fucking there anymore, they get to foreclose on the property, and now the bank owns the land where your house used to be.

And all of this is happening because the government will not approve any building permits and won’t even let the insurance adjusters in. But, yeah, you guys keep celebrating that Biden visited there for 4 hours. I’m sure that’s some comfort to these people.”